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Black Speed Metal from Sweden.
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-= News =-

October 17, 2023

Photos from The First Slaughter, October 14 2023

Photos by Soile Siirtola / extremmetal.se:

Photo by Nathalie:

Short video clips (facebook) by Nicklas Rudolfsson.

September 2, 2023 (updated 2023-09-15)




Old news are old and deleted!

-= Hellbutcher =-

Photo by Nicklas Rudolfsson

Band from Sweden.
Black Speed Metal!


In the obscure depths of the ancient metal underground, emerged Hellbutcher, a sinister force shrouded in darkness and dripping with malevolence. This unholy congregation of musicians delves deep into the realms of black speed metal, channeling the ancient, authentic essence of black metal's nefarious origins.

Hellbutcher, comprising renowned artists with extensive experience in the genre, concocts a cauldron of sonic blasphemy. Their unholy communion gave birth to the diabolical debut demo "Death's Rider" in the cursed year of 2022, an audial ritual etched onto cassette tapes and 7" vinyl, spreading their menacing cacophony like a plague. But this was merely the prologue to the impending sonic onslaught. Behind the ominous veil of their music, a full-length album, a tempestuous creation, awaits its unleashing upon the world. This forthcoming opus, akin to a relentless metal blitzkrieg, will soon engulf the globe in its malefic embrace, leaving devastation in its wake

The inaugural ceremony of Hellbutcher transpired in the bleak autumn of 2023, a night etched in the annals of metal history. Their debut live performance, a manifestation of inferno, cloaked the stage in fire, smoke, and violent melodies, embodying the very essence of metal's primal ferocity.

As the world trembles in anticipation, Hellbutcher sharpens their blades, ready to carve their name into the flesh of the metal scene. With the impending release of their debut album, they prepare to unleash an auditory apocalypse upon the unsuspecting masses. Brace yourselves, for Hellbutcher rises from the depths, bringing forth a malevolent storm that will echo through eternity.

Lineup (upcoming debut album)

Hellbutcher - vocals

Necrophiliac - guitar

Iron Beast - guitar

Eld - bass

Devastator - drums

Lineup (on "Death's Rider" demo)


Devastator - drums
Hellbutcher - vocals (and bass on the demo)
Necrophiliac - guitars

-= Merchandise =-

Value Merch (official merchandise)

-= Discography =-

Death's Rider

Death's Rider [demo 1] - MC 2022, 7" vinyl 2023
Order: tpl.se
Death's Rider
Violent Destruction

Listen to Hellbutcher at hellbutcherband.bandcamp.com

-= Tour Dates =-

October 14 2023, Motala, Sweden [tickets]

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Facebook: facbook.com/hellbutcherband
Instagram: @hellbutcherband
Bandcamp: hellbutcherband.bandcamp.com
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